Article No.TitleAuthor(s)
1Factors that affect the employee’s job satisfaction: an evidence from the service sector of PakistanMuhammad Irfan, Muhammad Shaukat Malik, Mehak Ali
2The Links Between Management Capabilities, Innovation And Firm Performance: Evidence From Pharmaceutical Sector Of PakistanMuhammad Imran Hanif, Arbab Gul
3Impact of neuroticism, agreeableness & openness to experience on long-term investment intentions: a mediating role of risk aversionAhmed Hassan Jamal, Malik Aftab Ahmed
4Fiscal Policy and its effect on Pakistan’s economyHina Ali, Maimoona Waheed, Ruqia Bajwa
5Impact of Organizational Learning on Adaptive Performance: A Dimension-wise study on Chemical Industry of PakistanSidra Ramzan, Rizwan Qaiser Danish, Huma Ali
6Impact of Training and Development on Employee’s Performance: Moderating Role of Person Job Fit & Mediating role of Motivation in the Banking Sector of Pakistan.Khalid Sultan Anjum, Muhammed Shan, Mubashar Maqbool, Summaira Mustafa
7Impact of Dividend, Retention Ratio, Profit after Tax, Earnings Per Share, and Return on Equity on Stock Prices in Pakistan: Examining the Moderating Effect of Interest Rate and Political RiskAdeel Akhtar, Muhammad Shaukat Malik, Muhammad Ashraf, Khawar Naheed
8Impact of Perceived Terrorism Threat On Student Engagement: An Empirical Study Of PakistanMurtaza Arif, Muhammad Waqas, Syed Ali Haider
9Impact of Green influences on Purchase intentions of Pakistani Consumers: Mediating role of Environmental KnowledgeShahzadi Sattar, Sabah Younus
10Foreign Student’s Satisfaction: An Empirical Study Of Bahauddin Zakariya University And Nishter College Multan, Pakistan.Salman Malik,Yousuf Razzaq Abbasi, Azqa Idrees