Article No.TitleAuthor(s)
1The Links Between Management Capabilities, Innovation And Firm Performance: Evidence From Pharmaceutical Sector Of PakistanMuhammad Imran Hanif & Arbab Gul
2Impact of neuroticism, agreeableness & openness to experience on long-term investment intentions: a mediating role of risk aversionAhmed Hassan Jamal & Malik Aftab Ahmed
3Fiscal Policy and its effect on Pakistan’s economyHina Ali, Maimoona Waheed & Ruqia Bajwa
4Impact of Organizational Learning on Adaptive Performance: A Dimension-wise study on Chemical Industry of PakistanSidra Ramzan, Rizwan Qaiser Danish & Huma Ali
5Impact of Training and Development on Employee’s Performance: Moderating Role of Person Job Fit & Mediating role of Motivation in the Banking Sector of PakistanKhalid Sultan Anjum, Muhammed Shan, Mubashar Maqbool & Summaira Mustafa
6Impact of Perceived Terrorism Threat On Student Engagement: An Empirical Study Of PakistanMurtaza Arif, Muhammad Waqas, & Syed Ali Haider
7Impact of Green influences on Purchase intentions of Pakistani Consumers: Mediating role of Environmental KnowledgeShahzadi Sattar & Sabah Younus
8Foreign Student’s Satisfaction: An Empirical Study Of Bahauddin Zakariya University And Nishter College Multan, Pakistan.Salman Malik,Yousuf Razzaq Abbasi & Azqa Idrees