Article No.TitleAuthor(s)
1Is Profitability Driven by Corporate Social Responsibility? Evidence from the Banking Sector of PakistanMustabsar Awais, Muhammad Imtiaz, Aroosa Khan, Raisham Hayee
2Analyzing the Impact of Public Policies on Higher Education in Southern PunjabMuhammad Shaukat Malik, Abdul Ghafoor Awan*and Farkhanda Tehseen
3Impact of Compensation Policy on the Motivation Level of Employees: Empirical Evidence from the University Teachers of PakistanAhmad Timsal Abeera Qaiser Malik
4Understanding the Relationship between Market Orientation (MO) and Strategic Business Typologies: A Critical ReviewSurrayya Aslam and Abdul Waheed
5Corporate Governance and Capital Structure: Empirical Evidence from Textile Weaving Companies of PakistanRao Akmal Ali and Ammar Ahmed
6Analyzing the Impact of Farm Size on Profitability and Sustained Competitive Advantage for Dairy Farms –A Study of Multan, PakistanFahad Laber Ahmad Timsal
7An Exploratory study on the work-life balance of women entrepreneurs in Lahore, PakistanHina Shahzadi
8Can Innovations in Microfinance facilitate in eradicating Poverty: Empirical Evidence from PakistanMustabsar Awais, Fahad A Khan, Mehran Ishfaq, Muhammad Ilyas Jamil
9Analyzing the Impact of Extrinsic and Intrinsic Rewards on Employee Motivation in the Academic Sector of PakistanHuma Ali, Adeel Akhtar Kathiaand Hina Ali
10Comparative Analysis between various Schools of Thought Of Market Orientation and its impact on Firm PerformanceAbdul Waheed*, Surrayya Aslam and Muhammad Fahad Laber