Institute of Banking and Finance is the most promising institute with dedicate personnel Leading you towards bright future. The purpose of IBF is driven above all by curiosity to make A difference and I can say without any illusion and hesitation that we are committed of providing Quality education in this region. We the IBF family are trying to provide our students the khowledge base learning environment where they can quench their thirst of knowledge. IBF offers a diverse range of programs, designed to address the specific requirements of Competitive market. The undergraduate, graduate and post graduate degrees are offered in a number Of fields including Banking and Finance, Marketing, Human Resource Management and Risk and Insurance Management.

Students at IBF experienced an outstanding environment, a highly qualified and cooperative Faculty; well-equipped computed laboratory and library.

I wish a very bright future for all of you. I hope that after getting education at IBF, you will Become an asset for the country as well as any organization and play an important role for the development and prosperity of Pakistan.

Dr.Muhammad Shaukat Malik
Director IBF