Title of Degree: BBA (Banking & Finance)

  1. Introduction:

BBA (Banking & Finance) program is Four Years degree program with a requirement of 124-136 Credit Hours and will spread over Eight regular semesters. This BS level program is aimed to inculcate managerial and leadership skills and to prepare business graduates for both national and multinational organizations, especially banking sector organizations.

Program Objectives:

This program is aimed to attain the following objectives & goals:

  1. The students will be able to take strategic, comprehensive, and innovative approaches in making business decisions to create value in ever changing and challenging environment.
  2. The students will be able to integrate their business knowledge and research capabilities to solve complex, ambiguous and unfamiliar problems.
  3. The students will be able to actively work as team members and effectively communicate managerial concept clearly and concisely within and outside the organizations.
  4. The students will be able to recognize ethical issues and to propose solutions in light of ethical reasoning.
  5. The students will be able to use analytical frameworks to evaluate the factors impacting the local, global and international businesses.
  1. Eligibility Criteria:

For admission in First Semester of BBA (Banking & Finance) program:

  1. The candidate is required to have at least 45% marks in Annual System OR equivalent.
  2. The candidate must have 12 years of education OR equivalent from a recognized institution.
  3. The maximum age limit to apply in BBA (Banking & Finance) program is 24 years.

For admission in 5th Semester of BBA (Banking & Finance) program (After ADP):

  1. The candidate must have at least 2.20/4.0 CGPA in ADP (Business Administration) OR equivalent.
  2. The maximum age limit to apply in 5th semester of BBA (Banking & Finance) program (after ADP) is 26 years.
  1. Internship:

The student will be required to undergo 6-8 weeks internship in any national or multinational organization of repute during summer vacation (after 6th semester). Internship will be a non-credit activity/task, however, the student will be required to submit internship report (on specific format) within 30 days (one month) at the successful completion of his/her internship. The internship report, progress and performance of the internee will be evaluated by the panel of examiners. The evaluation of internship shall be made on the basis of Pass/Fail and there shall be no grading/marks for the internship. The students having two years of job experience may be exempted.

  1. Research Policy:

Students are encouraged to take thesis (optional) of 6 credit hours in lieu of Two Elective Specialization courses in the final semester.

  1. The process of research will be initiated in the 6th semester.
  2. The research titles, supervisors and research proposals will be finalized in the 7th semester. The allocation of supervisor will be made in light Departmental Research Policy and may change time to time. The decision of the Director of the Institute regarding the allocation of the supervisor will be considered final.
  3. The student will be required to submit his/her final dissertation (duly approved and signed by the concerned supervisor) before the Final Term Examination of the Final Semester.
  4. In case of delay, the student will be required to apply for a time extension (duly recommended by his/her supervisor) as per university policy, however, the student will have to pay dues as per university rules and policy.
  1. Degree Requirements:

The following are an essential requirement for the award of BBA (Banking & Finance) degree:

  1. Successful completion of 124-136 Credit Hours (as decided by the university bodies).
  2. Maintaining a minimum CGPA of 2.0 in all semesters and attaining a minimum of 2.20/4.0 at the end of final semester.
  3. Successful completion of 6-8 weeks internship in an industrial/business/commercial organization.
  4. Successful completion of Comprehensive Examination. The evaluation of the Comprehensive Examination shall be made on the basis of Pass/Fail. There shall be no grading/marks for Comprehensive Examination.
  5. Compliance of University Uniform Semester Rules & Regulations in true letter & spirit.
  1. Number of Seats:
  2. Open merit seats: 60 + Reserve Seats as per university policy.
  3. Number of intake:          02

BBA  (Banking & Finance) – Morning

BBA (Banking & Finance) – Evening (Self-Financed Program) Note: The intake in 5th Semester (after ADP) will be as per university policy.

Fee Structure: As per university policy.

  1. Merit Computation:

Merit for admission to First Semester of BBA Program will be determined on the following basis:

Matric or Equivalent = 30%

Intermediate or Equivalent = 70%

Merit for admission to Fifth Semester of BBA Program (after ADP) will be determined on the following basis:

Matric or Equivalent = 20%

Intermediate or Equivalent = 30%

ADP or Equivalent = 50%

BBA (Banking & Finance)

8 Semesters/4 Years Program Institute of Social Sciences w.e.f. Session 2020-24

SrCategoriesNo of Courses Min-MaxCredit Hours Min-Max
1Compulsory Requirement (No Choice)9-925-25
2General Courses(to be chosen from other departments)9-927-27
3Discipline Specific Foundation Courses10-1230-36
4Intermediate Level Core Courses04-0412-12
5Specialized Electives with in the Major11-1327-39

Total numbers of Credit per Semester124-136
Duration4 years
Semester Duration16-18 weeks
Number of Semester8
Course Load per Semester12-18 Cr hrs
Number of Courses per Semester4-6

LAYOUT FOR BBA (Banking && Finance) 8 Semesters /4-year Programme

Category A (Compulsory Courses)      Category B (General Courses)Category C (Foundation Courses)
9 courses9 courses10-12 courses
25 Credit hours27 Credit hours30-36 Credit hours
1-Freshman English-1
2-IT Application in Business
3-Pakistan Studies
4-Freshman English-II
5-Islamic Studies 6-Business Mathematics
7-Business Statistics
8-Oral and Business Communications
9-Foreign Language-I  
Human Psychology Sociology
Global Current Affairs
Public Relations
Administration and Public Policy
Any Relevant Course    
Business Economics
Principles of Management
Financial Accounting-I
Pakistan Economy
Business Finance
Marketing Management
Business Ethics and CSR
Human Resource Management
Financial Management
Consumer Behavior
Business Research Methods
Managerial Accounting
Core CoursesMajor Courses
Category DCategory D
4 courses09-13 courses
12 Credit hours27-39 Credit hours
Financial Accounting-II
Marketing of Financial Services
Strategic Management
Analysis of Financial Statements
Introduction to Business and Banking
Operations Management in Banks
Banking and Business Law
Non-Banking Financial Institutions
Central Banking
International Finance
Islamic Banking
Current Issues in Banks
Research Thesis / 2 Specialization Courses (to be selected from the list below)*  

*List of Specialization Courses (in place of Research Thesis)

  1. Trade, Finance and Operations
  2. Emerging Trends in Finance
  3. Treasury, Fund and Insurance Management
  4. Investment Management


BBA (Banking & Finance) 4-Years Program w.e.f. Session 2020-24

SemesterCourse No.Name of SubjectCredits
First BAF-101Introduction to Business and Banking3
 BAF-102Business Mathematics3
 BAF-103Business Economics3
 BAF-104Islamic Studies2
 BAF-105Freshman English-I3
 BAF-106Pakistan Studies2
Second BAF-111Principles of Management3
 BAF-112Financial Accounting-I3
 BAF-113Foreign Language-I3
 BAF-114Pakistan Economy3
 BAF-115Freshman English-II3
Third BAF-201Business Statistics3
 BAF-202Business Finance3
 BAF-203Marketing Management3
 BAF-205Global Current Affairs3
 BAF-206Operations Management in Banks3
 BAF-211Business Ethics and CSR3
 BAF-212Consumer Behavior3
 BAF-213IT Applications in Business3
 BAF-215Human Resource Management3
 BAF-216Credit Management3
SemesterCourse No.Name of SubjectCredits
FifthBAF-301Financial Accounting-II3
BAF-302Business Research Methods3
BAF-303Banking and Business Law3
BAF-304Human Psychology3
BAF-305Public Relations3
BAF-306Foreign Language-II3
SixthBAF-311Financial Management3
BAF-312Oral and Business Communications3
BAF-313Public Administration and Public Policy3
BAF-314Non-Banking Financial Institutions3
BAF-315Marketing of Financial Services3
BAF-316Central Banking3
SeventhBAF-401Islamic Banking3
BAF-402Strategic Management3
BAF-403Analysis of Financial Statements3
BAF-405Managerial Accounting3
EighthBAF-411International Finance3
BAF-413Current Issues in Banks3
BAF-500Research Project/or 2 Specialization Courses6
  TOTAL Credit Hours(70+66=136)

List of Specialization Courses (in place of Research Thesis)

  1. Trade, Finance and Operations (Course No. BAF-451)
  2. Emerging Trends in Finance (Course No. BAF-452)
  3. Treasury, Fund and Insurance Management (Course No. BAF-453)
  4. Investment Management (Course No. BAF-454)