IBF’s Ph.D. Business Administration is a research-intensive degree program designed to prepare our students to be successful researchers and excel in their chosen careers, either in academia or other professional organisations. Researchers are encouraged to specialize in a particular field of research:

  • Finance (Behavioural, Corporate or Managerial)
  • Banking
  • Management (including HRM, MIS & Management Learning)
  • Leadership
  • Marketing (including Consumer Behaviour, Brand Management)
  • Operations Management (including Supply Chain Management)
  • International Business
  • Media and Business
  • Technology Management (including areas of digitisation)

At IBF, our core purpose is to provide the doctoral student a deepened and broadened theoretical and methodological knowledge, alongside the experience of having completed a substantial piece of original scientific work. The successful completion of the degree signifies that the candidate has attained expert competence in a major field of study.

50% Academic Qualifications

Matric or Equivalent 10%

Intermediate or Equivalent 10%

BA/BSc/B.Com or Equivalent 10%

MBA/M.Com/MSc/ or Equivalent 10%

BBA / BS 4 Years or Equivalent 20%

MS / MPhil or Equivalent 10%

Note: First Class/B­Grade = 10, Second Class/C­Grade = 07 and Third Class/ = 00

20 % Publications: (10% for each research paper, 02 marks for each research paper published in an HEC recognized Journal).

30 % Entry Test: The candidates seeking admission in Ph.D. in Business Administration shall qualify the entry test, prior to the admission:

GAT Subject Test

Departmental Admission Test (Qualifying Marks = 60%)

* Only those candidates who will pass the entrance test will be called for the interview.

Eligibility Criteria

 The candidate seeking admission in Ph.D. must have eighteen years of education (MBA with thesis /MS or equivalent business education) with CGPA > 3.0/4.0 or equivalent percentage, as prescribed in the admission advertisement.  

Merit for admission to the Ph.D. program will be determined as follows:

Program Structure:

This 3-year program comprises of two elements:

  • 1-year coursework (18 credit hours)
  • Research Thesis (2-3 Years)

Degree Completion Requirements:

i. Successful completion of 6 Ph.D. Courses individually, each course carrying at least three credit hours, and successful
completion of a research thesis as per HEC requirements.
ii. Maintaining a minimum cumulative grade point average (CGPA) as per HEC requirements.
iii. Passing comprehensive examination on completion of course work.

Scheme of studies is available with the Institute