Title of Degree: MBA (Specialization in Marketing of Financial Services)

  1. Introduction:

Master in Business Administration (MBA) program is Two Years degree program with a requirement of 60-66 Credit Hours and will spread over Four regular semesters. This master’s level program is aimed to inculcate managerial and leadership skills and to prepare business graduates for both national and multinational organizations, especially financial service organizations.

  1. Program Objectives:

This program is aimed to attain the following objectives & goals:

  1. The students will be able to take strategic, comprehensive, and innovative approaches in making business decisions to create value in ever changing and challenging environment.
  2. The students will be able to integrate their business knowledge and research capabilities to solve complex, ambiguous and unfamiliar problems.
  3. The students will be able to actively work as team members and effectively communicate managerial concept clearly and concisely within and outside the organizations.
  4. The students will be able to recognize ethical issues and to propose solutions in light of ethical reasoning.
  5. The students will be able to use analytical frameworks to evaluate the factors impacting the local, global and international businesses.
  6. The students, having a degree with research, will be capable to actively contribute towards quality research/publications.
  1. Eligibility Criteria:

For admission in MBA program:

  1. The candidate is required to have at least 2.20/4.0 CGPA OR 53% in Semester System OR equivalent OR 45% marks in Annual System.
  2. The candidate must have 16 years of undergraduate education OR equivalent degree from HEC recognized institution.
  3. The maximum age limit to apply in an MBA program is 30 years (For Evening Program 50 years, and for Weekend Program 60 years).
  1. Internship:

The student will be required to undergo 6-8 weeks internship in any national or multinational organization of repute during summer vacation (after 2nd semester). Internship will be a non-credit activity/task, however, the student will be required to submit internship report (on specific format) within 30 days (one month) at the successful completion of his/her internship. The internship report, progress and performance of the internee will be evaluated by the panel of examiners. The evaluation of internship shall be made on the basis of Pass/Fail and there shall be no grading/marks for the internship. The students having two years of job experience may be exempted.

  1. Research Policy:

Students are encouraged to take thesis (optional) of 6 credit hours in lieu of Two Elective Specialization courses (i.e., last course in each of third and fourth semesters).

  1. The program coordinator will give an option to opt Research Thesis/Dissertation (via class announcement and/or departmental notice board) after Mid Term examination of the 2nd semester along with a list of potential supervisor(s) and their area of interest/research.
  2. The student will be required to submit his/her consent in writing (after necessary discussion with supervisor of his/her choice) before the Final Term Examination of the 2nd semester.
  3. The allocation of supervisor will be made in light of HEC and Departmental Research Policy and may change time to time. The decision of the Director of the Institute regarding the allocation of the supervisor will be considered final.
  4. The student can submit his/her withdrawal and can opt two elective courses up till 1st week of 3rd semester. Similarly, based on the performance of the student and/or any other unavoidable circumstances, the supervisor can refuse to continue supervision up till 1st week of the 3rd semester. Afterwards, no change will be allowed/entertained.
  5. The change of supervision or withdrawal from the research thesis will be notified by the Director of the Institute through Program Coordinator.
  6. The student will be required to submit his/her research synopsis till Mid Term Examination of 3rd semester. The program coordinator will ensure to place the synopsis in the upcoming meeting of the Board of Studies.
  7. The student will be required to submit his/her final dissertation (duly approved and signed by the concerned supervisor) before the Final Term Examination of the 4th Semester.
  8. In case of delay, the student will be required to apply for a time extension (duly recommended by his/her supervisor), however, the student will have to pay dues as per university rules.
  9. The student can avail time extension in the submission of a thesis as per university rules.
  10. The student will be registered as a research scholar and his/her dissertation will be evaluated as per procedure specified by the university for M.Phil/MS (Business Administration).
  11. The student will have to submit Rs. 50,000/- as thesis submission and evaluation fee.
  1. Courses Exemption Policy:

Applicant with relevant academic background will be exempted maximum 10 courses.

  1. Degree Requirements:

The following are an essential requirement for the award of MBA degree:

  1. Successful completion of 22 MBA courses (each of 03 Credit Hours) OR
  2. Successful completion of 20 MBA courses (each of 03 Credit Hours) along with Research Thesis of 6 Credit Hours in lieu of Two elective courses.
  3. Maintaining a minimum CGPA of 2.0 in all semesters and attaining a minimum of 2.20/4.0 at the end of 4th semester.
  4. Successful completion of 6-8 weeks internship in an industrial/business/commercial organization.
  5. Successful completion of Comprehensive Examination. The evaluation of the Comprehensive Examination shall be made on the basis of Pass/Fail. There shall be no grading/marks for Comprehensive Examination.
  6. Compliance of University Uniform Semester Rules & Regulations in true letter & spirit.
  1. Number of Seats:
  1. Open merit seats: 60 + Reserve Seats as per university policy.
  2. Number of intake:          03

MBA – Morning

MBA – Evening (Self-Financed Program)

MBA – Weekend (Self-Financed Program)

Fee Structure: As per university policy.

  1. Merit Computation:

Merit for admission to MBA Program will be determined on the following basis:

Matric or Equivalent = 20%

Intermediate or Equivalent = 30%

BS (4 Years)/ B. Com (4 Years)/ M. Com/ MBA /MA or Equivalent = 50%


MBA (Specialization in Marketing of Financial Services)2-Years Program (After 16-Years Education)w.e.f. Session 2020-22

SemesterCourse No.Name of SubjectCredits
FirstACC-501Financial Accounting3
 ECO-503Business Economics3
 MGT-505Principles of Management3
 MKT-507Marketing Management3
 BAF-601Banking and Financial System of Pakistan3
 QRT-509Business Statistics3
  TOTAL 18
SecondACC-502Managerial Accounting3
 MGT-506Human Resource Management3
 FIN-511Financial Management3
 BAF-602Operations Management in Banks3
 IB-621Islamic Banking3
 QRT-510Advanced Research Methods3
  TOTAL 18
ThirdMKT-508Integrated Marketing Communication3
 FIN-512Investment Management3
 BAF-603IT in Banking & Finance3
 BAF-604Credit Management3
BAF-605/D-700Banking Litigation/OR Research Thesis3
FourthMGT-651Strategic Management3
ECO-504Pakistan Economy3
BAF-606Treasury, Fund and Insurance Management3
BAF-607Central Banking and Banking Regulations3
BAF-608/D-700Current Issues in Banks/or Research Thesis3